Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz


February 23rd 2016:  Senator Cruz dismissed his communications director Rick Tyler for repeating false information.  Though I don't think I had anything to do with this, I applaud Senator Cruz for following his principals.  Mr Tyler acted foolishly.  I have no idea if Mr Tyler was involved in the incident in Iowa or the unconfirmed incidents in South Carolina.  Senator Cruz had more concern for what was correct and not what was normal.

Mr Trump accused Senator Cruz of overreacting.  It seems odd to me that the man famous for saying "Your Fired!" would question this action.  It seems to me Trump is manufacturing his hostility against his fellow candidates.  Trump accuses them of being liars and weak, yet offers no substance.  Though I applaud Trump's simplistic language, though I don't doubt Mr Trump's intelligence, I do have concerns over his constant bomb-blasting against everybody. I also wonder why his Obama-Style politics worked so far?  Because it's easy. Everybody wants to be angry, and Trump promotes that anger.  That leads to the dark side.  The Progressives run on anger, and they have managed to destroy this country over the last 110 years.

Thank you Mr Cruz for not getting angry, or blaming, but just taking care of the problem.

Original Post:

Dear Senator Cruz,
I have a question, and if you can answer it honestly I’d appreciate it.  What has you campaign done in light of the false reports that did come out of your campaign in Iowa?

Though some may view this as old news.  I wanted to give you time to do something of meaning before I said anything. To my knowledge you have not.
There is no doubt, your campaign tweeted false information regarding Ben Carson, though you apologized to Doctor Carson, what have you done to keep this from happening again? Apologies are just words.  I fully expected a person who stands at the level of principal that you report, would have some action based on the problem.  Somebody in your campaign knowingly promoted false information.  They lied.

You are revered as a different politician.  When I look at a candidate I don’t look at just the individual running, I look at his staff.  If you allow this type of behavior in your campaign staff, then the same type of actions, or in-action, can be anticipated in your cabinet assuming you win the bid for President of the United States of America (POTUS).  I’ve spent the last 8 years looking forward to something different.  Are you that something different?  Or are you just a cleaner package of the same old stuff?

You have my attention on so many issues.  Your basic platform is the only one I can support most of.  Please let me know if holding you to the standard you proclaim is too much for you. Somebody in your staff should be held responsible for the false tweets, unless of course it was you, then that should be made clear as well.

Integrity is about what you do when you’re alone. Are you in charge of you staff, or is your staff in charge of you?  If it is the latter, then I guess you are just an Obama Remix. Please show me you are different.

Gregor Hinckley
San Diego California Voter.
A Constitutional Conservative.

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  1. Just so you know, I do like Senator Cruz, yet his staff's actions could indicate a typicality systemic problem among politicians.

  2. Thank you ted for acting on this issue.