Sunday, June 26, 2016

The truth is - It's not about guns - It's about control.

Our law makers are acting like little children, pretending to “Stand up” for civil rights by having a “Sit in” to take away those rights.  It is insane.  The “Gun control” issue is not about guns.  Those of you that think it is, are truly uninformed, no willfully ignorant is a better description. Because all you want is “common sense gun control.”  There are a few issues with the very concept of the “Leviathan” that is our government having common sense. 

The issue is simple, the progressive left does not want the responsibility of freedom, so they want to take it away from all of us.  That is really what is at issue here.  Our college kids scream for “Safe space” so they don’t have to hear offensive language. What they deem as offensive language.  That ladies and gentlemen is a direct attack on the first amendment.  Your speech can only be “free and unencumbered” as long as it falls in to what somebody else considers proper. 

That is not freedom that is tyranny.

The funny thing is, throughout history, constitutionalism has been the one protecting diversity and freedom.  The Progressives, since their very inception, has struggled to enforce control and homogeneity.  

If it were not for the Democratic Party, marriage licenses would not be needed for two persons to be married.  Originally it was instituted to keep Black Americans from marrying white people. Then it was used to keep homosexuals from entering in to a federal contract. Which we would not need it if were not for the progressive tax code.   In 2008, both then candidate Obama and Hillary Clinton thought that “traditional marriage was sacred, “but they changed their minds later.  Why?  No one cares.  

As a Christian man, in America, I may not agree with whatever gender fluid state people claim.  I also know it is not my job to police that.  Here is the real rub.  If the federal government forces various religions to act in support of something the church theology thinks is incorrect, the government has suddenly crossed in to dictating religious activities.  The mythical separation of Church and State the progressives scream about is suddenly gone.  Not because Christians forced their will upon the masses, but because pro-claimed atheists wanted it. 

That means if the masses change their minds, at some point, the government can be changed in the other direction.  At some point 30 years in the future, a radical Islam or Radical Christian group may come to power, using the same thought process that the Progressive want now, to change this county in to their definition of “righteous.” 

That is why the founding fathers made a document to restrict not the people, but the government. That is what makes our system so much better than everybody else’s, if we would actually follow it. By protecting the individual from the government, everybody gets protected.

Just like Spider Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” (Actually derived from Luke 12:48 according to a speech by Stan Lee, creator of Spider man). Individual freedom is dependent on individual responsibility. If you make freedoms ‘collective’ that means the group can change them. 
So trying to take away firearms actually has nothing to do with guns.  Removing guns does not make you safer (More Guns Less Crime ).  Just last week Jo Cox was shot and killed in a country (Great Briton) that does not allow handguns to be sold.  Yet an insane man got one and killed her. (Jo Cox Killed. June 16th 2016}. 

Removing guns from the populace makes the populace easier to control.  Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lennon, all gun grabbers, all genocidal maniacs.  

You see a law abiding citizen with a firearm is no danger.  Yet that same law abiding armed citizen could be your savior.

It takes intellectual dishonesty to want to “restrict freedoms” for the safety of others.  It has never worked in the long run.  It always ends badly.  In genocide. 

If you want freedom, real freedom.  You have to be able to tell the idiots that are verbally abusing you to go away.  You have to be responsible for your own safety. The police are not according to  the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS: Warren v District of Columbia). And then don’t associate with them.  You have that right.  But if you ask the government to protect you from the idiots, at some point you become the idiot that the rest of use needs protection from.  You become the oppressed.  Any government, not matter how noble, can only oppress.  It has no choice that is the only way it can influence “We the people.” 

Allowing a baker to choose not to serve somebody for any reason what so ever, guarantees you have the right to associate and do what you want.  If you force that baker to serve those they do not want, at some point, you will also be forced to do things you don’t agree with.  It’s the way of government, it is “Leviathan.”

NOTE: The Book “Leviathan” was written in 1660, by Thomas Hobbs.  And was a treatise on the idea of “Common Wealth’s,” If you read Thomas Hobbs’ own words at the end of the book, he concludes that no 'sovereign' could actually handle the responsibilities of the office of Sovereign.  So though a nice work of fiction looking for a perfect society, the author acknowledges it is not possible with a central government, even though he proposes that at the beginning of the book.  The idea that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” has been demonstrated since the beginning of history.  The best answer is for there to be no absolute power, just finite power given by the consent of the governed.  Then individual freedom can exist.  

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